I’ve no idea from where to start but all I just want to say time and place really place an important role in your lifeπŸ™Œ. 

Meeting your friend after four long years when you have no idea what you guys are going to talk or else what to discuss but yeah sometimes as it is said we should not think much infact we should just GO WITH THE FLOW. Same happened to me.

The cool freak shakes cools our mind and again ignites a cool and hopefully stable bond between usπŸ˜‚.

Damn mouthwatering freak shakes

 Pretty little cafe with nice music that can easily cherish your mood. 



Ahh!! A new place!! A great place!!

Well, when I entered the place last Sunday I found 3-4 pretty chairs which looks so beautiful in different colours. 

Then, the main cafe was in 2nd floor. When I opened the door I just observed the whole elegant ambience with different styles of sittings, walls, chairs etc.

Nice!! Panda wall🐼 😘


Then I ordered kitkat shake and I started walking and observing whole cafe.. Finally, I got the very cool section where I shifted without wasting a single minute of  my life.Yeah, kitkat shake was bit disappointing but when i ordered other orders like cheese balls,masala omelette,bbq paneer sandwiches I got bit convinced with the taste of food stuffs.Yet, they used different-different names to attract one’s attention. And their sittings are the examples of best out of waste. 

Chairs 😍

Definitely, this place is one where you can easily go without thinking must. 

#Gone once and badly stuck to the place.😝😠

Local’s Bar & Cafe, Second floor, V5 Hotel, Mount Road, Sadar, Nagpur

Welcome Summerβ˜€πŸ”₯β˜€

Ufff…yes we all know it’s unbearable to roam outside in this season. Such a scorching heatπŸ”₯ can easily make us sick causing dizziness all day which can easily take us to bed for many days.

 But as we all know, also sitting always at home is boring too. Nothing doing just laying on bed,watching shows,series is not worthy rather make us irritated. So what if I suggest the alternative for all these things.  

Thanda thanda!!!beautifully made –triple chocolate sundae!πŸ’–

Yeah it’s really nice having this at peaceful lovely place (quite expensive too πŸ˜…) but yeah for this sundae it’s really worthy. Must try this delicious sundae beautifully made😍 at beautiful place@Cream Centre,Nagpur. 

Go for it, soon guys.😻😻

After long time!!

It’s a break to my blogs since I was busy in covering places and tasting the specials of those places. Though i don’t write daily but yeah I can write on my love, that’s none other than food 🍲 

Relation that I’m maintaining with food can’t be defined in few words b’coz it is something beyond my feelings. Self dating with food is the way more satisfying with a crowd or nuts. But if there is a company  with your love i.e. FOOD, which can take you off from the shits of your daily life and crowd which is not at all happening, then the time you have is simply awesome, and marvelous. 😊Cheers to some important people of my life who are possessing talent to handle me even on my scratching worst mode as this is the routine task performed by my love, FOOD…. 😍

Must visit!!….Β 

Nowadays, everyone is surrounded by  tension or pressure…So,what one wants?- a peaceful weekend in their hectic schedule.What if  I suggest you a place perfectly constructed to serve the same alongwith foods.This place not only serve dishes but the loving ambiance of this place can easily manipulate anyone’s mood. And the best part of this place is that it have different sections for all age groups..i.e partitions for family and youngsters. Also the rooftop feature of the place is just to loving and admiring. Soft background music,breeze, dim lights just add points to the place.

Now my favourite part to describe i.e.food. Chill and grill serves both non-veg as well as veg.

Chicken wings with barbeque sauce πŸ’—is a mouth watering dish of the place.

Paneer manchurian is not so satisfactory but yeah can be ordered to add dishes. Atlast, all time and everyone’s favorite – French fries 🍟 were really served well with little crispness.πŸ’

Must visit place if you are looking and planning just not to eat food rather to enjoy food.!!!!πŸ’«βœ¨

Venue -Chill and grill, nagpur 

Still the issue persist…!!

Vegetarian food or non-vegetarian food???

I eat both, but a little more inclined towards non-veg.

While having non-veg food did you ever think about those innocent killed animals or fishes or birds in your plate????…

I never used to think about them in the past. All I just enjoyed those yummy meals. But nowadays, I don’t know how, I just can’t concentrate while eating chicken or fish. I just feel how good it had been if they were alive..???Though, I like chicken but I can’t see raw chicken, even when I pass by a meat shop I don’t have guts to have a look of it. 

I know, they will be killed/eaten by someone else even if I stopped. May be I cannot save them. (trying just to console myself ).

But these feelings haunt me a lot recently. And on the other side,I just can’t stop eating non- veg completely. ( I like it too) 

What will I do..???…

How can I stop eating them..???

I know I can’t completely cease having non-veg but yeah I minimise intaking it. And even I limit myself just to have chicken so that I can save atleast other birds and animals so that they can enjoy and live their life happily….!!🌟

#Food πŸ’ 

How could I resist posting this one??

 In this dynamic world when nothing is static!!…… 

Even the Moon is revolving, wind is blowing, rivers are floating, eyes are blinking, pendulums are swinging, birds are chirping, fireflies are shining, earth itself is rotating, pebbles are rolling down the hills, vehicles are running on streets, snails are drawling, clouds are moving, time is changing….Even humans themselves are persisting to change!!….. Feelings,emotions and sentiments inside them too go through via drastic changes alongwith time!!…

But,my love for food will continue to be last forever… It’s something that gives me joy,brings a smile on my face,makes me glad, helps me to say bubye- bye to dilemma!!…FOOD have such a power that even just by seeing it, one can completely travel from one’s mood to another as I personally experienced this situation everytime…. 

The cold coffee can easily fills your moment with happiness by chilling you. Crispy corns can make your present moment to be more crisper making it interesting and the spring rolls helps you to satisfy your stomach…