When both weather and time aren’t in favor :

Like weather being too awesome and time being so worst. Perhaps, bad combo.

When you feel so downgraded and you’ve no one around you to share, just close your eyes and think for a while are you really, Alone? 

Do you??

Neither your brain nor your heart will speak, but your stomach will whisper –

“You don’t need someone infact you need something. 

Ps*- Satisfy your stomach before listening to your brain or paying attention to your heart.

Best Combo: (Ice tea❄ + French fries 🍟 + Awesome weather πŸƒ)


Vegan amigos!!!Β 

So when you meet your purely vegeterian friends you’ve a huge question – “ What to order?? “

 And after an immense discussion you end up by ordering common food stuffs.

If someone ask me what I like in veg??..My ans is always Paneer. 

Paneer is my favorite ingredients to order other than chicken. 

Spicy and lip smacking paneer 65, the vegeterian version of popular chicken 65, goes very well as a starter and vegetable lollipop too is a delicious Indian recipe served as a snack. 

Albeit they comes under common starters but never fails to satisfy our appetizing hunger.