One more pretty place I covered today with my silly squad in the name of celebrating the end of first paper of our last engineering exams.

Yeah!! I planned many times for visiting this place but unfortunately it always got cancelled due to unnecessary reasons. 

Chocolate caramel 


As the name suggest it was having complete chocolate taste though not so good but yeah we enjoyed eating this.💝

Next we ordered Bubblegum_creamlette :tastes as if we were eating Bubblegum or chewing gum. Personally,I didn’t enjoy it that much. 


Now time for another order so we ordered chocolate cookie creamlette. I know it sounds interesting and yeah even taste was satisfying my expectations. So happy ordering this one.💖🙌 


Should we order more?- And I was like yes offcourse. Okay, let’s have last order of the day.

Ahh!! Well then we ordered chocolate_avalanche_sundae 

Fascinating name itself describes it’s great taste and was eye-soothing in looks!!💖

Name of the place is so admiring. And prices goes hand in hand with the choice of order. So one should visit this place if they are looking for something new. This is an extended branch of Mumbai’s ice-cream parlor. 🙌💝

VenueMinus 301°F, Prannanda Building, West High Court Road, DharampethNagpur 440010 


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