How could I resist posting this one??

 In this dynamic world when nothing is static!!…… 

Even the Moon is revolving, wind is blowing, rivers are floating, eyes are blinking, pendulums are swinging, birds are chirping, fireflies are shining, earth itself is rotating, pebbles are rolling down the hills, vehicles are running on streets, snails are drawling, clouds are moving, time is changing….Even humans themselves are persisting to change!!….. Feelings,emotions and sentiments inside them too go through via drastic changes alongwith time!!…

But,my love for food will continue to be last forever… It’s something that gives me joy,brings a smile on my face,makes me glad, helps me to say bubye- bye to dilemma!!…FOOD have such a power that even just by seeing it, one can completely travel from one’s mood to another as I personally experienced this situation everytime…. 

The cold coffee can easily fills your moment with happiness by chilling you. Crispy corns can make your present moment to be more crisper making it interesting and the spring rolls helps you to satisfy your stomach…



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